Mdły obiadek / Bland dinner


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      1. Sorry to hear that. If you are having a tough time at work I’m glad you’ve got a holiday planned. The things I do if I feel low are go for walks whenever it isn’t raining ☔️. I watch a happy film. I call my grandparents and elderly friends as they’re always pleased to hear from me 😊. I write lists of things I’m grateful for and try to concentrate on good stuff. I’m constantly trying to find new work, getting rejected, it can take it’s toll so I learnt how to meditate and I do an online pilates class so I can be with people but also be alone in my home (if you know what I mean). I really hope you enjoy your holiday, perhaps that what you need just a big change from routine.

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      2. Can you join a new local activity? A photography club or an art class you are very artistic. In the UK our local colleges do low cost evening courses and week long courses in everything from baking to watercolour art classes, if not there are online courses on you tube that you can join for low cost and get to be in a group all working to a goal.

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      3. I can sometimes get lonely on tour, I try to do free activities to keep my costs down so I’ll go to the local library and see what’s on, I go to local museums, that is also when I often blog and chat with people online. The last tour I was really busy getting a project ready. I hope these few suggestions help 🤞🏻.

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