213 myśli na temat “Czy to zima jeszcze [227] It is winter still

  1. Impressive photography, in wich the reflection of the sky in the water is impeccable, the contrast of colors harmonizes beautifully and perfectly the photographic composition. The place transmits a calm that invites you to sigh.
    Thanks for share Lukasz.
    Have a wonderful time!

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      1. Wow! I just learn something New. Thanks. My grandmothers we’re great for Cook. But My mother doesnt teach me, beacause she don’t like to cook. She Cook delicious Spanihs food too. I learn alone

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      2. Yes, a friend for Spain invites me to his YouTube Chanel it’s cultural. And I speak about my blog. I share on My blog. The name is Quiero compartir Open it and there is the video

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      3. It is not my intention to be rude to you or make you uncomfortable, It’s just that I want to see how you are, you already saw me, even if doesnt seem like it cost me a lot of work to encourage me to make the video, and is it just for me?

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