Skoro tak lubicie zachody słońca / If you like sunsets so much

To proszę bardzo jest i ono, na koniec miesiąca wygląda to u mnie tak. Spektakularny widok co😉? Udanego nadchodzącego Maja całego nie tylko majówki.

English version

It is here and it is, at the end of the month it looks like this for me. Spectacular view what😉? Successful upcoming May not only in May.

21 myśli na temat “Skoro tak lubicie zachody słońca / If you like sunsets so much

      1. You are kind my friend however I am happily married to my husband, best friend of twenty-five years. We can enjoy each other’s work and be friends. I feel blessed to be with someone I love. I hope you find or have someone also. Have a beautiful evening my friend. ❤️

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      2. I know that you are a happy married woman. And I am very happy that you told me about it. I respect you. Unfortunately, I am lonely and will remain so, I am not lucky to love, especially to women. Loneliness is awful.

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      3. I am sorry my friend. I would not want to be alone either, especially right now. There is always hope for love however my friend. However I am sorry that you are lonely. One must keep reaching out when there is something about a person you like as they might be lonely too. Love to you my friend ❤️

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