33 myśli na temat “Miłość ma dwa oblicza / Love has two faces

  1. Hello Luke, it’s so good to see you once again! I’ve missed a number of your posts; I’ll have to ‚catch up’ with them… 🙂
    I love this image. And yes, love has ‚at least’ two faces; maybe hundreds.. 🙂

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  2. Nice composition and interesting thougth, my Luke! 🙂 Do you think love has two faces? One is sweet, soft and in some way tangible and the other is only a reflect, a shadow, something intangible, like in your pic?

    I send you a big close hug and many kisses… :* :* ❤ :* :*

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      1. Oh… Ok! But I think love has only one face, ’cause it’s the most clear. true and sincere feeling, it can’t have double face… ❤ However, I do believe that it can have different manifestations, nuances and intensities, but love is or is not. It can not have a true and a false face… :* :* :*

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