29 myśli na temat “Ponad dachami / Over the roofs

  1. Very beautiful too!!! You really have an exquisite sensitivity for photography … Beautiful framings and compositions!! You capture the beauty and the soul of the places you photograph… I love your pics and your country, my sweet Luke!!! Thanks for sharing… 🙂 :* ❤

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      1. I have been married for a long time my friend and love my husband. He probably wouldn’t like that. I appreciate the thought though. Sending you love, hugs and blessings my friend. 🤗💕Joni

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      2. One of the things I am know to do by my friends is to set people up who are without a partner or girlfriend or boyfriend. I think it is because I don’t like to think of people being alone. I have set people up that have ended up getting married. Sending hugs 🤗🤗Joni

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